Thursday, January 22, 2009

MAC Goes YouTube!

I was reading the blog on in my reader and I stumbled upon a post about new tutorial videos on MAC. I love the one on the smoky eye because that's probably the only one i'd use. I'm a big fan of tutorial videos! Some of my faves are from MommyToBe and Fafinettex3:

What I Need for MAC, titled "Starter Kit for Beginners"

How I Learned How to Curl My Hair! (: Titled "How to Curl Your Hair With a CHI, PT. 1)

Pt. 2

They really help me a lot. I'm a really visual learner so hopefully MAC will come out with some new tutorial vids for when I go to purchase my foundations and all that jazz!

Here's some links for you!

MommyToBe's YouTube Channel:

Fafinettex3's YouTube Channel:

Finally, the MAC website is, look for the "Artistry" tab on the left hand menu and the videos are in the "Artistry in Motion" portion!

Have a good night ya'll! (:

Moving On Up!

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